Taking Pride
   In Tech.

Who Are We?

RedmaneConsulting is a new tech consultancy company with a passion and love for tech, in fact this is one of the very reasons this company was started, we want to create new and innovative ways to get the best out of the worlds technology and we want to help others do that too. 


Founded in 2023 by our founder and owner Lewis a through and through "techie" who has had an interest in tech since his teenage years and a long standing career in the industry, he created this company to help people get the most out of their tech 

We have some lofty goals in mind. We want to assist all businesses and people in getting the most out of the technology they use cutting their costs and maximising their incomes. We are also working on several pieces of Proprietary software that will revolutionize the tech world. 

We Offer a wide range of services from simple advisory consultancy sessions to cloud transformations, we also offer a technical fitting and retrofitting service where we will work with you to figure out your needs and requirements and do all of the work required to get it all fitted and set up for you.



Although we can't divulge all our techy secrets, we have decided to let you all in on the names and current release dates for our new software !  


Redmane Cloud Builder

We cant say too much about this one, other than the fact it will make cloud transformations and building new infrastructure as easy as 1.2.3


Utilising Hashicorps amazing terraform tools that we claim no ownership of, and mixing some of our own magic in too we aim to create a universal cloud builder. 


Redmane Cloud Builder is on track for a late 2023 release and will run a closed alpha and beta programme shortly before, which we may ask clients to be a part of. 



Redmane Sentinel

Ironically this is our most closely guarded secret and the first IP our founder thought of. 


Redmane Sentinel is a truly unique system originally designed as a piece of software to make managing the footage and day to day of security cameras it has drastically changed and is now a new tool for managing all forms of security from cameras and hardware to protecting your data and software. 


Sentinel is our most special piece of IP and is currently on track for an early to mid 2024 release. Like cloud builder we will run closed alpha and beta tests.  



Redmane OS

Sadly there isnt to much we can say about Redmane OS right now as its our newest baby and work has hardly begun. 


What we can say is that it will be a lightweight UNIX system that will be user friendly and powerful. 


As Redmane OS is our newest project and what we refer to as a "backburner" project we have no firm dates for a full release or alpha and beta testing, we will however will be updating our social media and this section of our site when we have news. 


Founded in April 2023 by our founder and CEO Lewis. RedmaneConsulting is a tech company that truly loves the world of technology and our aim is too let everyone make the most out of technology, we aim to do this by offering affordable, honest and reliable services aswell as creating some software ourselves.  Below are the Principles we Pride ourselves on and we tackle every challenge with these principles in mind.  


At Redmane Consulting we are committed to being as honest and transparent as we possibly can be. 

All our clients can expect that everything we advise and action on your behalf is the best possible solution that your needs,  requirements and budget match we will never supply you with more than you need as we love all things tech and want you to love it to.


This company was founded on a Love for tech and a real passion for its advancement.

All the work we do here at Redmane From the simplest Advisory Consultancy to full tech fittings is done with passion and pride, we do this not because it makes us look good but because we genuinely love this work and the tech world as a whole and want to create a world where everyone loves it too. 


We take all forms of security very seriously least of all data security, As we are a company who works and is involved with the tech world we understand just how important security is in the tech world as breaches can be catastrophic and damaging.

Redmane Consulting is fully compliant with GDPR and other regulatory bodies.

Our staff are all UK security cleared and have valid DBS checks so you know that we all understand the importance of proper procedure and security. 


All Redmane Consultants are experienced in many aspects of the IT world from electrical engineering to Cybersecurity and ethical hacking so you know that your consultant will give you the best advice and service they possibly can.

Our consultants are also all cloud agnostic this means that they are trained and skilled to use all cloud providers. 

Redmane Consulting firmly believes in upskilling and its benefits to a high skilled and agile workforce. We are always learning and developing new skills we do this not only to offer you a better service but we also do it because we want to and enjoy learning new skills.

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