What We Offer.

Our Free Recommendation Service 

Redmane Consultancy Offers a no obligation free recommendation service, simply email us with your wants/needs, some info about your business and if you are comfortable your budget  and within 48 hours we will contact you back with a high level document containing our best recommendations to fit your needs. Its as simple as that 


Advisory Consulting

Our Standard service after completing your quotation and choosing if we are right for you we will begin our advisory consulting, what we do here is have some detailed discussions with you outlining all your needs, wants, budgets and timeframes , we will then go away and source or create what you require we will then make sure it is all set up and functioning properly before handing everything over to you and making sure you are trained and comfortable with its use before we end our service with you. 

our advisory consulting service is how we start all the services we offer as we believe getting a detailed picture of what you want allows us to create the perfect service you need an in quick time too.

we are very proud of our highly competitive consultancy fees and we think you will be too as we understand how important saving money is. 


Cloud Transformations 

Our cloud transformation service is designed for businesses that wish to move to a cloud based infrastructure model whether that be public, private or hybrid. Like our advisory consulting service our cloud transformation service starts the same after receiving your  recommendations from us and should you choose to let us work for you, we will begin by discussing with you in depth how the cloud works, which cloud provider is best based on your needs, how much you would like to have in the cloud and the total cost you are looking at to become a cloud based model. 

We will then begin our work transforming your business. Our cloud transformations aim to be as less invasive as we can be, for example we begin our preliminary testing in our cloud where we will perfect what you need we will then move onto your new cloud and start with the most minor services and infrastructure you have, eventually moving your critical systems over should you wish them to be of course. 

we also offer a "Stay on" support service at no additional cost for 1 month after the completion of your transformations we will be available to you for any additional questions or further support you may need. 

We also offer an extended stay on support service for a maximum of three months (Not including First Month) to make sure you are 100% comfortable and happy with your transformation. 

Again like our Advisory Consulting service our cloud transformation service is highly competitive. Though we cannot control the price of the cloud providers themselves we consider our labour costs to be some of the most affordable in the tech industry. 


Tech Fitting/Retrofitting Service 

Our largest service that we offer. Our Fitting service covers all kind of installations and set ups whether they are small or large. Starting again with our advisory consultancy service we will discuss with you what your needs, wants, requirements and budget we will then discuss with you the prices and costs of the systems you want.

Once the advisory stage is completed we will then go away and find the best prices for all the systems you have discussed with us making sure we keep you updated daily on the progress, once we have sourced all the systems you have told us you want or need and you are happy with the prices we have found, we will instruct you on how to purchase the systems if you are comfortable we can do this for you as well should you desire. 

Once the Equipment has been acquired we will agree a suitable timeframe and  begin the process of fitting all of the tech for simplicity we install all the hardware first to a safe, tidy and professional manner, we then set up and install all required software. 

We will then test off everything to make sure it is all safe and secure leaving nothing to chance before handing everything over to you. 

Like our transformation service we include a 1 month "stay on" service offering any additional support should you need it, we also offer  an extended version of this service for a maximum of three months additional support.

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